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Leap Year Weekend Spends

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I may be jumping the gun, but I’ll assume that Leap Year isn’t as major event to you as it is to me . . . being that the 29th February is actually my birthday, I like to take some time to wollow in the glory of my special day 🙂

My birthday is a special day to me, I just like it, it’s the one day in the year that I feel comfortable making demands and spending money on myself.

So . . . what have I spent on this glorious weekend?

Train – £14.50
Breakfast – £2.75
Lunch – FREE (a colleague bought it)
3 x coffees – £4.19
1 x Subway – £1.99
Drinks – £8.50
Takeaway – £18.50
Total – £48.44

New jacket – £20.00
New jeans – £18.00
Mothers Day Gift for Wife from Kids – £19.50
Hair stuff – £2.99
Total – £60.49

Sunday (Mothers Day – Parents & Nan for Dinner)
Supermarket* – £40.18
– Baguettes
– Paper
– Wine
– Biscuits
– Milk
– Gift for Nan
– Nappies
– Formula
– Other stuff (I’ve forgotten)
Total – £40.18

*Why is it that EVERY time i go to Tesco I always spend over £40.00. There are some very clever marketing peeps at that company. They know exactly how to make you spend your money!!!

Total Weekend Spend – £149.11


Written by dailyspends

March 3, 2008 at 8:07 pm

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  1. […] weekend spends by dailyspends on April 14th, 2008 I’ve documented my theory on shopping at Tesco before with the fact that everytime I go in there (no matter what I go in for) I usually end up […]

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