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Top 5 Bizarre Money Stories

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Here’s a few bizarre money stories:

Bank tells man he owes them $211 trillion
Some poor fella closes his bank account only to be told he owes them $211 TRILLION

Messing with the IRS
Not telling the TaxMan about that £5.00 note from your Gran is one thing. Asking for a $10000 write down on an arsonist’s ‘consultation’ fee is quite another!

Wish You Were Here
UK cash machine dishes out double the money as resident queue round the block for their ‘free’ go.

Expensive Farewells
If your quango failed . . . just let it go! No need to insult the tax payer by spending another twenty-odd grand on a ‘good-bye’ brochure.

Kids Get More Pocket Money ‘Up-North’
Who’d a thought that the kids up North get more pocket money that their Southern piers?


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April 9, 2008 at 4:52 pm

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