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I’ve documented my theory on shopping at Tesco before with the fact that everytime I go in there (no matter what I go in for) I usually end up spending upwards of £40.00.

This started to concern me so much that I embarked on a mini personal boycott to cut out the risk of running up that unecesary spend . . . deciding instead to shop at one of the other major supermarket chains to see if any other micro spending tactics were in play.

Here are my brief and entirely un-scientifically proven findings:

Tesco – Always spend over £40.00
ASDA – Always surprised at how much I manage to spend, especially when they’re supposed to be cheap
Morrisons – I’m always pleasantly surprised when I shop at Morrisons
Sainsbury’s – Never get any change out of a twenty

***Special Mention*** Booths (specialist in North-West UK) – I ALWAYS walk away happy with myself when I shop at Booth’s. The food is exceptional and usualy sourced locally – I always feel I’ve got a good deal when I shop there and I should go there more often.

So, my rundown of preferred Supermarkets is:

Aaaaaat 1 – Booths
Aaaaaat 2 – Morrisons
Innnnnn 3 – Tesco
Innnnnn 4 – Sainsburys
& Iiiiiaaaaaaaaaan 5 – Asda

Like I say – no science behind it, no standard shopping list . . . just a gut feel 🙂


Written by dailyspends

April 14, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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