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5 Sites that can help curb spending

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A quick guide to 5 sites that can help you to curb/monitor/think about your spending habits:

I’ve been keeping this blog for a while now and whilst (admittedly) I don’t list every single spend I make, it certainly helps me to keep track of my spending habits and identify where I can start to make savings in my spending patters (notably: midweek treats, travel & those little ad-hoc expenses that all add up!).

Looking back at my online stats I can see that the site is now getting lots of visits from people looking for ‘daily spending’ type queries. This signifies that people are out there actively searching for ways to reduce their spending or for online support and advice around the subject.

With that in mind, I thought I’d compile a quick run-down of 5 sites that can help people in their quest:

1 – Personal Finance Forums
There are a number of extremely active personal finance forums where users commune to discuss all variety of issues including daily spending & debt reduction. debt consolidation care forum is a great example of a community supporting each other in their attempt to reduce debts – with a forum & open blogging platform, this community of over 80,000 memebers provides a vital resource for everyday people to discuss money worries.

2 – Money Saving Sites
There are so many obvious ways to save money . . . it’s just sometimes it’s not as obvious as it should be. MoneySavingExpert.com is a great site for spotting the latest deals and money saving ideas.

3 – Government Help
The Financial Services Authority offer practical financial advice on their sites MoneyMadeClear.fsa.gov.uk.

4 – Frugal Bloggers
A multitude of ‘Frugal’ bloggers base their whole blog around the art of saving money in any give opportunity – catch them all at festivaloffrugality.com.

5 – DailySpendingNetwork
Our very own DailySpendingNetwork aggregates all the latest posts from our networked bloggers. You’re always invited to come and join us!

Hopefully you’ll find those resources useful in your quest to reduce your daily spending!!!


Written by dailyspends

May 7, 2008 at 11:33 am

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