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Money in pocket

Short on cash? Looking for ways to generate extra income? There could be money right under your nose!!! It was right under mine…

I went out for a drink last night & was excited to find £5 in the pocket of my jeans (a pair I haven’t worn for a while). It’s not exactly a fortune but it paid for my 1st two drinks to I was happy 🙂

When you next get a few minutes, have a look in the pockets of your old jeans & jackets, behind the sofa & in the car. You may be surprised to find the odd £5 or £10 notes, in amongst all the coppers.

Of course, this is no long term solution. If you are regularly short on money, you will need to find a more reliable & consistant way of earning more, but it’s a bit fun & you can even get the family involved; ‘Finders – Keepers…!’


Written by dailyspends

June 13, 2008 at 9:37 am

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