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Back up to date!

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OK! So I’ve been laying low for a little while due to work commitments, but I’m defo going to keep up with this malarkey from now on. And just to prove I’m up for it, here’s a run sown of spending this weekend:

Saturday 16th Feb & Sunday 17th Feb:
£20.00 – Fuel
£19.50  – Groceries (eggs, bacon, paper, wine, beer, chocolate)
£3.00 –  DVD rental
£4.35 – Chips for lunch
£28.00 – Daughter’s new shoes
£74.85 – Total Spend

Not bad for a weekend spend . . .

Another big shout out to Trying2Save for making me feel ashamed for not keeping up with te blog.

Written by dailyspends

February 18, 2008 at 2:31 pm