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Friday 30.01.09

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It’s payday, and on payday I like to treat myself to a special lunch. Today I spent the princely sum of £2.75 on a beautiful steak, mushroom & cheese baguette. Added to that cheeky little order was a can of diet coke (£0.60) and a kit-kat (£0.50).

Boooooy it was good. I’m thinking of going to get another one!


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January 30, 2009 at 1:57 pm

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Nasty Little Spending Habits

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One of my co-workers revealed a nasty little spending habit earlier today (co-worker will remain nameless!) by complaining she may have to cut her weekly fillet steak dinner from the budget.

On further interrogation said co-worker revealed that this nasty little steak habit costs around £20.00 a week including fillet steak, salad, chips, wine. I couldn’t believe it . . . that’s £80.00 per month . . . over £1000 per year!

It got me thinking about ways to strip out further gratuitous spending from my budget – so here’s a few of my nasty little spending habits:

Daily Paper – £0.70 per day – £3.50 per week – Potential Saving  . . . £182.00 per year
Sunday Paper – £2.50 per week – Potential Saving  . . . £130.00 per year
Monthly Take-away – £14.00 per month – Potential Saving . . . £168.00 per year
Vending Machine Drink – £0.80 per day – £4.00 per week – Potential Saving . . . £208.00 per year

Just writing things down can point out some ridiculous spending habits. Why on earth am I spending £208.00 per month on vending machine drinks when I can easily drink the office water?

I’m there! That’s one nasty habit I’m kicking right now – here’s to an extra £208 a year and a healthier bladder to boot!

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May 8, 2008 at 1:58 pm

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