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Slashing Travel Costs

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One of my colleagues has been wittering on about doing a car share for months! I’ve dismissed this over and over based on the fact that I like to get into the office early, and leave the office late – and my colleague – doesn’t.

However, whilst discussing this with my Wife the other day we made some startling calculations that have lead to the conclusion that the car share is infact, a great idea.

1 – Monthly Cost saving: £250 (should be enough in itself)
2 – Improved Work Life Balance: Less time travelling, more time with family
3 – Improved Productivity: I reckon my concentration will improve meaning my work productivity should improve

There is one major sacrifice:

1 – Loss of freedom & reliance on someone else: I don’t like to be dictated on how and when I arrive somewhere, which is why I like to travel by myself, it’ll take a bit of getting used to!

So, hmmmm, I have to wonder why I’ve been protesting so much. I’ve got the opportunity to slash my travel costs and I’m going to take it. That’s an extra £3000 in the back burner over the year!!!

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June 24, 2008 at 1:44 pm

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It’s been a while

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Every now and again I look back at dailyspends and realise that I’m not doing a great job of tracking my actual spending. I’ve also been a bit naughty and neglected the blog slightly over the last few weeks.

The thing about DailySpends is that I enjoy writing it and when I do write it, it actually makes me think about what I’m spending.

This weekend we’ve been a bit short on the readies because we’ve had to spend a few quid on the car (£270 to be precise on MOT, TAX & a new tyre). So it’s been back to basics with some old skool (yes! with a K) thrifty tricks:

1 – Nice cheap dinners: Home made pizza (50p per head) , Nachos (30p per head), Cheap Sunday Roast (£1.00 per head)

2 – Cheap weekend drinks: 20 bottles Becks (£7.59 on sale at Tesco), 4 litres Cider (£3.00)

3 – Family fun: Dog show (free), Craft (free), Park & Walk (free)

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June 23, 2008 at 9:22 am

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Money you never thought you had…

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Money in pocket

Short on cash? Looking for ways to generate extra income? There could be money right under your nose!!! It was right under mine…

I went out for a drink last night & was excited to find £5 in the pocket of my jeans (a pair I haven’t worn for a while). It’s not exactly a fortune but it paid for my 1st two drinks to I was happy 🙂

When you next get a few minutes, have a look in the pockets of your old jeans & jackets, behind the sofa & in the car. You may be surprised to find the odd £5 or £10 notes, in amongst all the coppers.

Of course, this is no long term solution. If you are regularly short on money, you will need to find a more reliable & consistant way of earning more, but it’s a bit fun & you can even get the family involved; ‘Finders – Keepers…!’

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June 13, 2008 at 9:37 am

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Pizza Price Index – First Registered Rise

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Roll up! Roll up! A very exciting thing has happened! the PIZZA PRICE INDEX has increased for its time ever! Oh yes indeedy . . . in a shock movement the index has increased by a whopping 8.4 pence:

Ingredient Prices at 03.06.08:
T Healthy Living Italian Mozzarella – £0.236 (down)
Tesco Value Ham – £0.615 (up)
Tesco Value Mild White Cheese Small – £1.344
Tesco Value Plain Flour – £0.12
Tesco Value Plum Tomatoes – £0.095
My Pizza Price Index at 03.06.08 = £2.41

I’m urging all fellow PPIers to recalculate their index immediately.

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June 3, 2008 at 3:45 pm

Travel Allowance: May Results Are In

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May has been the first month in which I’ve tried to save money against my travel allowance. I’m pleased to report that it’s been quite successful in that I have managed to come in under budget by about £90.00! I am very, very pleased . . . not just because I’ve saved a few quid but because I’m starting to see how keeping such a tight reign on my finances is starting to have a positive impact! So here’s the results:

Budget = £384.00
Month to date (total spend) = £287.00
Surplus/(Deficit) = £96.05

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June 3, 2008 at 3:08 pm

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